7 Things All First-Time Home Buyers Should Consider when Purchasing a Home

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You just closed on your first home and excitement immediately takes over. Finally, you have crossed over the threshold from being a renter to being a buyer.

But then it hits you….this new home is your full responsibility.

You can no longer call your rental office when something breaks. You then start to slowly realize that there were a lot of things that you never even imagined came with owning a home.

This is me, I am this person!

Being a homeowner was one of my top financial goals, and I am very pleased that God allowed me and my husband to accomplish this. 

There were so many things that I did not consider, nor was prepared for in regards to homeownership.

Here are my top things to consider when purchasing a new home. 

1. Yard Work is more work than you think!

Having a well manicured lawn is a must as a homeowner. No one wants to be the newbies with the jacked up yard.

Also, depending on where you live having an untidy yard will cause you to rack up HOA fees.

  • The first thing to consider about yard work is that you have to have the proper tools!

I had no idea how many tools we were going to need to maintain the yard! It actually became quite overwhelming and costly.

My recommendation is if you know you are going to purchase a home soon, start saving for yard tools now!

Below is a list of simple tools that you will need to maintain your yard. Disclaimer: These links are Amazon Affiliate links, therefore I will get a small portion of any purchases made.

  • The second thing to consider about yard work is: Weed Maintenance

I have is St. Augustine grass in my front yard and Bahai grass in the backyard.

The grass in the front of my yard is much thicker and is prone to a lot of crabgrass which is a pesky type of weed that disguises itself as grass, but overgrows in your grass, hedges, bushes, cracks, crevices, you name it. 

The backyard is prone to weeks that look like mini trees. They pop up all over the yard in the summertime.

To deal with weeds you will need some type of weed treatment. Do not skim over this!

Ignoring weeds will only give you a headache. Overgrown weeds make it very hard to maintain the lawn, and once they are out of control it can take hours to pull them.

I recommend pulling weeds every time you cut the yard. (Please learn from my mistakes). 

Getting some feed and seed that is catered to the type of grass you have can help prevent weeds from growing.

Make sure you know the type of grass that is growing in your yard. Do some research on the types of weed treatment are the best for your type of grass.

  • Third Tip for lawn care is: Don’t Ignore the flowerbeds/bushes! 

Weeds can grow in and around your flower beds and bushes. Again, if you ignore these, then over time they will get out of control and it will be hard to clear them out. 

This is where your gardening gloves come in handy. You can either pull the weeds by hand or you can use your weed eater.

I recommend pulling them and getting the roots out they will not grow back as fast.

  • Here’s my fourth and final tip for lawn care: There’s no shame in hiring someone to maintain your yard.

My husband and I just didn’t have the time, or knowledge to handle all of these things ourselves.

We tried to maintain the yard the best we could, but over time we realized that we really didn’t know what we were doing.

We hired a neighbor that started a lawn care business to start maintaining our yard on a weekly basis.

It was one of the best decisions we made as homeowners and one of the hugest burdens lifted off our shoulders.

2. Dryer Vents Need to be Professionally Cleaned

Your dryer vents will need to be cleaned at least one time per year. Just emptying out your dryer lent trap is not enough.

Dryer lint that is not professionally cleaned out, can lead to house fires, and it can also make the heating element in your dryer burn out, (which is what happened to us).

This repair is going to cost you a few hundred dollars, so getting dryer vents cleaned out yearly will help you avoid unnecessary costs.

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3. Your AC Needs to be Maintenance

Maintaining your A.C. Unit is also a must. Cleaning or replacing your air filter  keeps the filter clear and lets air circulate properly.

Getting your unit professionally cleaned is also necessary.

Having your air go out is not fun, especially in not in sunny Florida. Not properly maintaining your unit and allowing your A.C. to break will cost you a lot of money!

You can do your own maintenance monthly by cleaning out your AC line once a month with bleach and water. Some people use vinegar and water. This helps prevent gunk from building up in the line.

Sidenote: Our A.C. maintenance man recommended bleach and water, he said it works better.

4. Replace The Water Filter In Your Fridge

You are going to want to replace the water filter in your refrigerator. The water filter keeps the ice clean and the water from the fridge clean as well. 

Using the water from the fridge is safe as long as the water filter is fresh, and it can actually save you a lot of money on purchasing bottled water.

Plus less bottle usage is good for the environment.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

5. Pay for an Extended Warranty on Household Appliances.

If you can afford to get an extended warranty on your appliances, do it.

My husband and I brought new construction so all of our appliances were brand spanking new. We decided that we were not going to purchase the extended warranty on our appliances (not smart).

Extended warranties cover the cost of your appliances when they break. No matter how new something is something can always go wrong, so don’t just assume because the item is new that you don’t need a warrantee.

If you cannot afford the extended warranty on all of your appliances, try only focusing on the ones that can rack up the most costs, or the ones that would be a pain to go without for a long period of time. 

Here are my recommendations for extended warranty

  • AC Unit
  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Washer/Dryer

6. Consider Purchasing a Fence (If your home doesn’t already have one)

Fencing can be very pricey especially if you have a larger home. The more square feet the more expensive it is. 

There are several reasons that you may want to consider purchasing a fence:

  • Privacy: If you decide that you want to throw a party, or just lounge in the back-yard a fence makes it so that you can feel comfortable letting loose without any unwanted attention. Not having a fence gives people easy access to your property. 
  • Animal Prevention: Having a fence helps prevent unwanted animals from entering your backyard such as dogs, and for all my Florida Residents: gators! 
Gator spotted at my neighbors house
  • Fences are Pet Friendly: Allowing your pet to roam outside is almost worry-free when you have a fence. At least you know your pet isn’t going anywhere unless you have aHoudini’s sidekick for a pet. Fences for pets also help your pet stay safe from other pets (or gators) that may be wondering off leash.
  • Fences are Kid Friendly: My kids enjoy the outdoors, so having a fence prevents them from entering other neighbors’ yards, and it prevents kids or other strangers from entering our yard.

7. Pest Control Prevention is Necessary

Although I must say that living in a home is way better than living in an apartment when it comes to pest control, there is still a need for it.

Trust me now that you are homeowner you will want to keep it free from any and all critters, and the only way to do that is to have some form of pest control.

My husband and I went with Terminix they are very affordable. They charge us about 120 per quarter (every three months).

If professional pest control is not in your budget, try getting something that you can spray inside and outside your home.

Ortho Home Defense, works pretty well and is cost-effective.

Overall, owning a home is the best choice that I’ve ever made. Was I completely prepared for all that comes with being a homeowner? No! But with great power comes great responsibility, and over time you will get the hang of it.

If you enjoyed this post or would like to add any things you wish you’d have known about before purchasing a home comment below.

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